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Call :07939 025881

Call :07939 025881

Boat Fishing Trips Scarborough

Boat Fishing Trips Scarborough

COVID 19 Information for passengers

1.If you have any COVID symptoms you should not board the vessel.


2.It is the skipper’s decision to allow you on the boat, should he suspect you are displaying symptoms he is within his right to refuse you boarding.


3.You will be allocated a marked area on the boat to fish from and you must remain in this area throughout the trip. If passenger movement is needed the skipper will instruct passengers on how to do this.


4.You will need to be able to look after yourself for the trip duration e.g. set up fishing gear, catch and land your fish, as we cannot assist due to social distancing.


5.You are expected to bring your own face covering / mask in case of emergencies. We will not expect you to wear it when social distancing can be maintained.


6.To avoid contamination and reduce transmission of the virus, please bring your own soap / hand sanitiser. We will provide a bucket with string attachment for you to use to contain sea water.


7.The toilet is not available so please bring your own bucket container to use if you need to.


8.Bring your own drinks / food.


It is down to all onboard to ensure that government guidelines are followed and a duty of care is provided to all onboard by all onboard.


(Correct june 2020)


Taken and adapted for Skylark Fishing Trips from the Angling Trust Best Practise for the Safe Resumption of Charter Boat Fishing

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COVID 19 Updates November 2020


Please use this page to keep upto date with the November COVID situation and how it will effect us and our bookings we have.

As there is no alternative to us operating with the government guidence, we are forced to cancel all our bookings until 2nd of December.

This will be all trips on the boat, fishing trips and coastal cruises including scattering of ashes.

With the uncertain future we are no longer taking bookings for this year.